First Draft

First Draft

Here is an example of the first draft with the symbols marked to indicate how you want the final script retyped.


       Customers do not always know what they want especially

before they see a new product or technology. For example, imagine

a market researcher, eighty years ago trying to gauge customer

reaction to a new product, the automobile. If he simply described

the product, the customer probably would have said that cars

would be too costly and difficult to operate,  would get stuck in the

mud  and would generally be unreliable.


       The researcher might have concluded, justifiably, that the

competition of that time, the horse, was just too well suited to

customer needs to permit successful market entry.


       The product, the automobile, might have been labeled   a bad

product,  a poor risk,  a bummer! So, often it is up to us to develop

a new technology then to market it to create a customer need.


Now, retype the script. Use large type, double-spaced for easy reading. End each page with the end of a paragraph, even if that means you have to leave a lot of space. This way, your page breaks will coincide with natural pauses. Number the pages, and leave them unstapled for ease of handling during delivery.