More than what you say,

it's how and when you say it.


Even in the best of circumstances, it’s difficult to stand behind a lectern, in front of 500 people, sometimes with cameras rolling, and deliver a speech projecting confidence. The last thing you need is a script that is hard to read.

Here are some tips for preparing a script for easy delivery and some for delivering it effectively.

Preparation Tips

With your first draft in hand, read each sentence aloud, noting your speaking and breathing patterns. As you do so, indicate natural pauses and points of emphasis on the draft, using the symbols shown below.

First Draft

Here is an example of the first draft with the symbols marked to indicate how you want the final script retyped.

Now, retype the script. Use large type, double-spaced for easy reading. End each page with the end of a paragraph, even if that means you have to leave a lot of space. This way, your page breaks will coincide with natural pauses. Number the pages, and leave them unstapled for ease of handling during delivery. 

Final Script

Here is the way the final script looks. Try delivering it aloud as you read it. Now it is prepared for your easy delivery!

Delivery Tips

When your final script is typed as shown you will find it easy to speak from. Here are some tips on delivery.

  1. Use energy to project your voice into the microphone. Then the microphone will amplify your lively voice, rather than a softer, less animated voice.
  2. Let your hands reinforce the image you describe. Gestures add variety and emphasis to your voice.
  3. Use eye contact to deliver the last few words of a thought for added conviction.
  4. As you speak, slide one hand from line to line down the margin. This way, you will never lose your place when you look up.
  5. Slide each page to the side as you finish it. This is quieter and less awkward than turning stapled pages.


Enjoy your next speech!


Feel free to download or print this PDF version here.