What if being you

is the most awesome adventure you can have,

no matter what?


Just like in the business world, our personal lives can become entangled with challenges, responsibilities and commitments. Many of my business clients have asked me to provide personal counseling for themselves, their friends and families. I now extend this opportunity, which I call, Self Discovery, to you. Here is my philosophy, my approach and how we work together.

Self Discovery® 

It's easy to be unsettled by the inevitable twists and turns that arise on your journey. Often we judge events good or bad and we struggle with the very problems that help us grow and evolve.

        - What if everything is in divine order?
        - What if you're not alone on this journey?
        - What if you can have empowering support?

Side by side, you and I:

        - Review the circumstances
        - Explore the possibilities and
        - Reveal your own internal wisdom

Together, in private coaching sessions, we will find the light when you feel immersed in darkness; integrate emotions like fear, anger, joy, and grief; and shift behavior patterns that no longer work. 

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From the moment you and I begin to collaborate, we create a warm, fun and safe space for Self Discovery. Clients report that the process is inspiring and life changing. They describe me as having, “laser vision with a velvet touch.”

         Laser Vision  Clear insights that untangle the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of walking our path.

         Velvet Touch  Honoring your own self-healing intelligence.

For the past 30 years, I have served as a Management Consultant to leaders in business. As an author and lecturer I combine analytic rigor with heart-centered insight. As an Interfaith Minister I offer spiritual understanding along with focused problem solving to address life’s problems as they arise. Working together, we enliven your own innate wisdom and natural growth.

To schedule a meeting, please contact me.