Flower Power

Do you have a favorite flower? Yesterday the winter doldrums were getting to me. I found myself heading to my favorite flower shop to choose blooms to brighten our holiday table. As I entered, the vibrant colors and distinctive scents lifted my spirits.  I remember a theory that we favor the flower that best compliments our personality. Each species symbolizes different traits, meanings, and emotions. I’m not sure exactly who decides this, but here’s what “they” say.

yellow rose.JPG

ROSES are considered to be the queen of flowers. If you favor them, you're passionate about life. You’re romantic and enjoy quality time with the people closest to you. You like to bring out the best in others. You value beauty and tradition. You strive for perfection in many areas of your life.

white lily.JPG

If LILIES are your favorite flower, you’re unique, artistic and caring. You like design and order. You are loyal and loving. Those around you are lucky to have such a caring person. If your favorite lily is the Calla Lily, unlike the religious ceremonies and funerals they’re  associated with, you like to laugh and be playful – all in your own style.

yel,or,pk tulips.JPG

Love TULIPS? You enjoy life. You're a bon viveur at home and  you also enjoy going on holiday and discovering new places. Tulips represent friendship, and that’s exactly what you are  a good friend. You’re full of surprises and always manage to give situations a positive twist. Spring is definitely your season.

my daffodil.JPG

DAFFODILS are one of the earliest flowers to bloom in the spring. They symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. If you are attached to daffodils, you are inspiring and bring renewal, creativity, and vitality to everyone around you.

wht daisy.JPG

DAISIES  come in red, white, pink, purple, and orange a wonderful variety of colors. You’re bound to have a colorful personality, and among your friends you’re known as a daredevil. Beauty attracts you; in your home environment but also in how you present yourself.


If you favor CHRYSANTHEMUMS you’re a sober person with a practical streak. You enjoy traditions and getting together. A beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums on the table is essential at times like that. You can also be surprising, just like the varieties of colors of chrysanthemums.


When you appreciate HYDRANGEAS, you’re the person who never forgets a birthday or a thank you. You’re generous and you always make sure that other people are happy. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a beautiful bunch of hydrangeas in your favorite color, whether it’s white, pink, blue, rose or purple.

nicer sunflower.JPG

You and SUNFLOWERS are always a little ray of sunshine around the home. People appreciate your positive contribution and fresh view on things. You’re very sociable and you like to surround yourself with family and friends. It will come as no surprise to hear that you feel great in summer.


Tastes differ, and luckily there are as many varieties of flowers as there are personality traits. Whether you're more like a WILDFLOWER or a wallflower, there are species that reflect your personality, or so “they” say.

centerpiece closeup.JPG

All flowers make me happy so it was difficult to choose what to bring home. I made this rather unorthodox arrangement by combining daffodils and white hydrangeas.

What do your favorite flowers say about you?

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