On the Ball


Ready to play a word game? Idioms are a part of our every day language. They are specialized phrases with commonly understood meanings,  but the meaning isn’t obvious from examining the individual words. Each language has its own idioms, and I'm amazed by how often we use them. Here’s a quiz to challenge your understanding of idioms. It might be a piece of cake for you, but you’ll have to bite the bullet to see if you can cut the mustard.

Shoot the breeze” means

·   to move quickly

·   to win effortlessly

·   to sleep outside

·   to chat aimlessly

Clam up” means:

·   to create a pearl

·   to provide a pile of clams

·   to put money on the table

·   to refuse to talk

Let the cat out of the bag” means:

·   to release someone from a promise

·   to relive a bad memory

·   to give a pet some food

·   to spill a secret

Cut the mustard” means:

·   to make a foul smell

·   to sing poorly

·   to cut in line

·   to do something well

Off one’s rocker” means:

·   to be totally carefree

·   to become injured after a fall

·   to enjoy hard rock music

·   to be crazy

Slice of the pie” means

·   only having a part of what you want

·   evenly dividing the whole

·   a child who’s very similar to their parent

·   a portion of the proceeds

Underwater basket weaving” means:

·   a very difficult task

·   swimming underwater for a long time

·   an unfashionable hobby

·   a useless skill

I hope I didn’t have to twist your arm to get you to play. If you selected the last option each time, you hit the nail on the head, and you are on the ball. If not, chin up, it’s not the end of the world.

Sources: discover.apester.com, dictionary.com