Go Fish*

*Today's blog is written by a guest author, my granddaughter.

Fish can be fascinating. Their scales are like gems shining in the crystal clear water. Their fins are like wooden paddles rowing forward. Their eyes are like pebbles on the sandy shore of the beach. And most importantly, they are each unique.

There are about 32,000 types of fish in the whole world today. Each one has its own differences. Some are as small as your own fingernail, while others are bigger than your car. They come in bright colors and dark colors, have different kinds of patterns on their scales, and they all appear to swim swiftly and gracefully through the water.

Just like humans, fish care about their families. They feel melancholy after family members die. For example, they sometimes grieve about the death of other fish, except fish obviously don't shed tears. And although fish can't speak, they do communicate with each other. A few species make clicking or croaking sounds, but most fish use body language to communicate. They flare out their gills, to make themselves more frightening, to scare away fish that cross into their territory, and to protect their young.

You may be wondering if fish challenge each other or fight. The answer is yes. Fish sometimes turn on their sides to make themselves look larger. Fish may go lip to lip to find out if the other fish is a good breeding partner, or they may do so to try to hurt the other fish in a fight. Ow!

As you may know, fish are breathtaking creatures, and also great pets. Though you can't hug or snuggle them, watching them swim is entertaining. But there is also a bad side to having them as pets. For example, imagine if you were trapped in a tank filled with clear water, confined with no where to go. Fish may have a similar feeling of fright and sadness when they first get put in a tank. The feeling of freedom is heart warming, but with no freedom, their hearts sink like anchors.

Now you know why fish are amazing creatures.  RIGHT?