Summer Break

Summer means different things to each of us. In the Northeast, we are blessed with long hours of daylight. As these thoughts flow into words on this electronic page, the clock reads 5:40 a.m., and night has already brightened into the daylight that will be available well into evening. The calendar indicates July is beginning, and local newspapers specify times and locations to enjoy the fireworks that signal Independence Day. I feel the burst of energy that comes with the extended days of summer. I long to be outside under the sky, with unbounded time —

To plant flowers in the garden and feel the earth under my fingernails;

To play tennis — a game with a score that matters so much one moment — and is forgotten the next;

To walk on the beach with waves lapping gently at my feet;

To shop farmers' markets and savor the smells and tastes of freshly harvested produce; 

To breakfast on the patio contemplating the ideas in the stacks of articles and books waiting for my attention;

To conceive my annual summer artwork and watch as it magically comes to life;

To welcome guests arriving from far and near to share this space I call home;

To trade heartfelt experiences and nuggets of knowledge with those dear to me;

— and much more. And so, wonderful readers, to enjoy the whims of summer, I am breaking with routine. I am freeing myself from schedules and clocks and commitments.

Although I imagine I will continue to write, I will take a break from posting this weekly blog until September.

Photograph by Pearl Richman

Photograph by Pearl Richman

Wishing us all a glorious summer break!