Admire Me

When life delights us and fills us with glee, we want to celebrate. It feels good to share unbounded joy without having to temper our enthusiasm with modesty. But we are taught that humility is a virtue; that no one likes to hear us brag. There are many people we can go to when we have problems. It's equally important to have people in our lives who are delighted to acknowledge our efforts and our achievements. So where do you turn when you want to celebrate yourself?

Who in your life is thrilled to be an outright admirer? I hope names come to mind easily, but if not, now is a good time to make a list. And please make sure my name is on it. I received this just the other day.

Hi Judy! I was on a flight and gave my first class seat to a passenger sitting in economy. He seemed frail and it was an opportunity for him to have extra comfort and a meal. I then received this note from the passenger's daughter and was so moved. I'm not sending this to be validated or lauded, just to underscore how little things can really impact others. And it may also warm your heart a bit.


What a wonderful example. It's inspiring to hear about this act of kindness. Too often we’re comfortable commiserating about our failures, but uncomfortable sharing our successes. Let’s change that.

So here’s my offer. When something positive happens that you’re eager to share, please, please reach out to me and announce boldly, "It's admire me time.” I can already feel my eyes shining with the wonder of who and how you are.

Those who care about you delight in you. And it can be reciprocal. Admiration - what a gift to give and receive!