I often think about my Dad and miss the close connection we had. I am fortunate to be surrounded by his artwork. He was creative, first in the world of music, as a composer and arranger, then later in life, in the world of art, as a painter and sculptor. His paintings are composed of intricate layers - pattern upon pattern - reflecting the mathematical complexity of music and life. The outcome is intriguing. He would want me to share these with you.


You can see his love affair with color and form. His knowledge of musical composition is evident in the flow and structure of his work. He was able to embody strength and tenderness at the same time.


Dad’s art is a legacy of who he was and what he valued. I learn more and more as I study each work. He wrote, “Art as a pastime is therapeutic. Art as a profession is consuming. Creative talent must be free but self-disciplined.”  The art of balancing freedom and self-discipline is a lifelong challenge.