I've always been wary of permanent ink - especially on a body. Tattoos are meant to be noticed.  Some tats are works of art. Good or bad, the outcome is yours, indelibly. But imagine how it would feel while a tattoo artist is working, if you hear, "Oops!" Here are some of those permanent tattoops*:

Follow Your Hart, But Take Your Brain With You

I'm Awsome

Beautiful Tragety

Sweet Pee

Your Next

No Regrest


Too Cool For Scool

Live like your going to die today, dream like your going to live forever.

Love you more with evry heartbeat

Never Don't Give Up

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely rediculous, than absolutely boring.

Super Bowel Winner


Ledgends live on!

Stay strong no matter what hapens.

Keep Smilling

And last of all...

Regret Nohing


*Source: Googling "misspelled tattoos."