A tiny book called, So Ecstasy Can Find You, completely fulfills the title's promise. It just arrived from Amazon, and once I began to read, it captivated my attention until I reached the back cover all too soon. Elizabeth Cunningham is a novelist and a poet; an artist who paints with insights. As my holiday gift to you, here are my favorite excerpts from her book.

First, something short and to the point of these wonderful holy days when we celebrate the light in each of us:

don't dim your joy

you might be a distant star

in someone's dark night


Then, a path to grace:

beware anyone who demands or expects you

to submit to his or her will

even god doesn't do that

especially god doesn't do that


And the poem that names the book:

Ecstasy takes time, even if it lasts moments,

you have to slow down so ecstasy can find you

the way the light finds each plant in the sweep of a day

or the tide finds its secret way between dark rocks.

Stand still in the wood, on the shore, in your life.

Ecstasy will come, touch you, fill you, leave you changed.


Happy holiday to you my dear blog family. Wishing you a year of ecstasy.


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