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A few years ago I began writing essays for my grandchildren. I’ve gained many living insights I want to share with them when they are adults. When a topic was relevant to a friend or colleague, I shared my writing with them.  They asked if they could share it with others. I’ve received thoughtful responses and wonderful questions. That dialog has naturally evolved into this blog. 

Here’s a taste of my original writing.


My dearest grandchildren,

I was blessed to have a grandmother who adored me and was available to share intimate wisdom with me. I could tell her anything and know she understood both the hurt and the joy in my heart. She was able to listen to me talk about the situations unfolding in my life with deep appreciation for how they affected me and what they meant to me. She celebrated even the smallest of achievements with me, knowing they were helping me become the strong person I am.

And, when things weren't quite right in my world, even if I wasn't sure why, together we could transcend the circumstances to reach a deeper level of understanding. Her eyes showed the depth of her caring. Her hugs were soothing. Her words were wise, supportive and filled with possibilities. I miss her.

And so it is that I am writing this to you. There will be days when I won't be by your side and you may still want to reach for me. These words reflect some of my thoughts, dreams, and insights about life. They are filled with possibility for when you feel joyful and blessed or helpless and hopeless. They are here to remind you that everything, both good and bad, appears, displays itself and eventually disappears.

When the situation seems good, we want it to last as long as possible, and we feel regret when it changes.

When the situation seems bad, we want it to pass as soon as possible, and we feel relief when it changes.

Yes, that is the temporal process of living. Life happens in relative time and not of our choosing. But the universe always offers wisdom. Remember, my sweet darlings, it is available to you always…beyond the words on these pages, wisdom resides in every breeze, in every bird’s song, in every raindrop, in every sunbeam, and in every sprout. Look outside of yourself for the wonder in nature, then trust that same wonder resides inside of you. You are and have always been magnificent expressions of all that is good.

I love you now and forever.                                                         

Your Gramma

* * *


Now I’m looking forward to sharing my Living Insights with you

Please join me in the adventure.