Magnificent Yes

Do you think, “No” when you receive an invitation to do something unfamiliar? “No” can become a habit, a reflex as natural as blinking. It's amazing how a small, two-letter word has so much muscle.

"No. I won't know anyone. No, I'm not good at that. No, I don't have the time or the money. No, that won't work because....”

“No” can stop us from taking a trip, offering an idea, or agreeing to meet someone new. “No” forces everything into lockdown. It instantly slams on the brakes. Let’s reserve “no” for boundaries we will not breach.

There's a three-letter word that has equal power and more positive energy than the mighty “No”. It’s the magnificent “Yes”.

One of my first clients asked me to solve a problem I had no experience with. My mind buzzed with reasons to say no, while simultaneously it struggled with how to add value. While thoughts swirled in problem-solving mode, I heard my voice say, "Yes, of course!" That yes was the ticket to an amazing adventure.

Our confidence is usually higher when something is known to us. But when we repeatedly say no to the unknown, we resist life:  "Take a risk?  I don't think so!"  Saying yes may take us out of our comfort zone, but it expands our horizons. We grow in strength, experience, and in our zest for living.

"Yes” says...YES!  Yes, I want more life, more vitality. Yes, I'll climb out on a limb and trust. Yes, if I make a mistake I'll learn something new."

Can we trust that implicit in every opportunity is the momentum for skill building, and the smarts to meet the challenge?

Gifts don’t always come in recognizable packages.