Judy Marcus is dedicated to developing and improving the leadership style of individuals at the highest levels of management. Her primary goal is to combine sensitive, positive, and constructive coaching to build the management communication strengths that are critical to successful leadership.

With a clearly communicated vision, leaders can consistently motivate and empower people, demonstrate thought leadership, and inspire planning and execution. They model the decision making and focused action that become the hallmark of their organizations. Leadership is a way of being. It's more than what you say; it's how and when you say it.

Judy works with leaders to build personal presence and enhance their confidence, conviction, and credibility while maintaining the strengths and uniqueness of their individual styles. She offers a range of services that is as diverse as the clients she serves.  For example:

Coaching to top executives at transition points in their careers 

Consulting on specific leadership issues

Interpersonal skill building 

Judy Marcus is also the author of Present Your Best Self Under Stress, which is in its fifth edition. She is an advocate and leader in creating a harmonious and respectful business environment that inspires pride of accomplishment, peace of mind, and personal and financial growth.

Judy has served as faculty of Harvard Business School, the Yale School of Management, and the Columbia Master’s Degree Program for Executives.                  


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