Leadership is a way of being.


In every interaction, there is the opportunity to convey leadership to clients, senior executives, colleagues, and the media. Through personalized feedback and guidance, Judy Marcus will collaborate with you to enhance the effectiveness and impact of your personal leadership skills.

Among the issues you can address are:


Leadership and Team Building

Being an effective decision maker

  • Decisive about goals and action
  • Driven to find the best solutions
  • Focused on building commitment at all levels
  • Proficient in open debate
  • Effective at empowering colleagues
  • Skillful saying "no" without offending
  • Able to handle pressure, risk, anger and fear

Generating business opportunities

  • Solution oriented
  • At east with value pricing
  • Skillful handling objections and closing

Projecting leadership presence

  • Generating trust and confidence
  • Embodying your values
  • Inspiring and mentoring people

Creating sustainable relationships

  • As a peer and counselor
  • As a thought leader
  • As a people leader
  • As a process leader
  • With clients and business partners
  • With CEOs and Board members

Professional Interaction

Handling discomfort

  • Comfortable with lower and middle management, but not with senior people
  • Comfortable with individuals but not large groups
  • Informal but not formal situations
  • Uncomfortable with conflict, giving or receiving criticism
  • Challenged to reverse a negative impression with clients or colleagues.

Changing limiting behavior

  • Negative, stubborn, agressive or passive
  • Directive but not interactive
  • Inflexible: will defend an idea to death
  • Not a team player
  • Poor listener: misunderstands ideas, questions, or directions
  • Quiet and non participative
  • Disruptive: interrupts and talks over people

Personal Communication Style

Leading internal and external meetings

  • Delivering successful presentations
  • Facilitating group working sessions
  • Building morale
  • Handling sensitive, dificult issues
  • Projecting confidence and professionalism

Presenting ideas clearly and convincingly

  • Too reserved or overbearing, fast, or slow
  • Long-winded, rambling or unfocused
  • Nervous in speech or body language
  • Lacking assertiveness
  • Unwilling to risk controversy


To schedule a meeting, please contact Judy Marcus.

Bring a clear sense of your objectives and any material you may need. For example, list instances in which leadership issues arose; bring visuals to work on presentation skills, etc.